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Dog Training Info Tips for 2022

January is National Train Your Dog Month, but you can train your dog at any time! We have the best dog training recommendations to help you enjoy your dog’s company!

January is National Train Your Dog Month, but you can train your dog at any time! We have the best dog training recommendations to help you enjoy your dog's company!

Using Positive Reinforcement

Praise your dog for good conduct and favorable responses to your orders. You’re reinforcing the link between good conduct and nice things by rewarding it. It’s also vital not to unintentionally reward undesirable conduct. Rewarding your dog for barking at you to play sends the incorrect message!

Success Requires Consistency

Dogs require regularity to feel safe and comfortable. Dogs react best to clear, consistent, and caring leadership. This is true for all dogs, but especially for puppies or new canines! Plan meals, playtime, toileting, and other activities. The more predictable and routine you and your pooch are, the better.

In the end, consistency is the key to a happy dog.

Know Your Dog

Every dog is distinct and has a different personality. Personalize your dog’s training and teaching techniques. Dogs vary in energy, confidence, and curiosity. They are also emotional – anxious, bashful, or confident. If you want to praise your dog for a good conduct, don’t give him goodies. Some dogs are food oriented and would happily take any edible reward. Experiment with alternative rewards, such as praise and tenderness at the correct time.

The way you praise your dog is equally as crucial as your expectations for your canine buddy! Dogs require leadership above everything. A shy or introverted person can attend a large event and behave correctly, although it may not be their favorite pastime. Similarly, examine your dog’s personality and choose an activity that suits him.

Dog training happens all day, every day – not just when you have a “lesson.” Unlike human classroom learning, your dog’s learning from you has no beginning or conclusion.

Enjoy your dog

Training your dog should be pleasurable for both of you! Your positive attitude will help you create a better relationship with your dog based on trust and respect. Mental stimulation is important for dogs, so discover entertaining things to play with your dog on days when physical activity isn’t possible. You can train an old dog! We all adore a nice dog trick. A happy dog means a happy owner!
Consult Your Vet

All dogs require food, shelter, and protection (which comes from fair and just leadership). When one or more of those four aren’t satisfied, problems develop. While clear communication, continuous training, patience, and trust often resolve issues with your dog, there are situations when a medical concern arises.

Choose a veterinarian who shares your medical principles, then follow their vaccine, nutrition, and other health advice. We’re all on the same team to keep your family and dog safe!

It’s easy to get caught up in the “ultimate goal” of training, but recognizing small victories keeps you and your dog motivated.

The Dog's Eye View

The Dog’s Eye View

Associative learning happens instantly during or after a choice is made. No, dogs are not vindictive; they act on instinct and keep doing what works. When we show them a better path, they will choose it. Training works best when it generates predictable and satisfying results for your dog.

The dog thinks they forced the postal carrier to depart when they bark at him and he leaves. Barking had nothing to do with the postal carrier’s decision to keep walking.
Body Language with Tone of Voice

Some of us assume our dogs comprehend everything we say, but they don’t.  Any dog training or behavior issues should be addressed by a professional dog trainer. It is one of the quickest methods. We at Bark Busters have years of experience helping you and your dog.

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